MRGC | EADR: Providing Alternative Resolutions for your Disputes
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EADR: Providing Alternative Resolutions for your Disputes

12 Mar EADR: Providing Alternative Resolutions for your Disputes

By virtue of Directive 5 of 2018, the Alternative Dispute Resolution Directive 2018 (the “Directive”), all Maltese licensed operators are now required to provide their players (the “customers”) the possibility of referring any dispute to an alternative dispute resolution (the “ADR”) entity. Licensed operators shall ensure that they have the necessary arrangements in place to comply with the procedural requirements as established within the Directive by no later than 31 March 2019.

Through an ADR entity, customers will now be afforded the possibility of referring a dispute to an impartial, third-party, dispute resolution service, whenever the customer believes that the dispute was not resolved by the licensee to their satisfaction or whenever a customer feels aggrieved by a decision.

EADR Ltd. strives to offer gaming operators and their customers a reliable, tailor-made and fair out-of-court settlements within a reasonable timeframe, which service shall be made easily accessible through an Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) platform.

EADR Ltd.’s multi-disciplinary professionals with vast experience in the fields of iGaming, including but not limited to, Responsible Gaming, Anti-Money Laundering Legislation, Data Protection Legislation and to whom the Company owes its success and reputation, will be able to assist you and your customers in delivering pragmatic advice and actionable strategies in order to achieve successful dispute resolution in a timely manner.

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