MRGC | New MRGC management board
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New MRGC management board

14 Sep New MRGC management board

Following the previous appointment of Alan Attard as chairperson, Birgit Boch as vice chairperson and Jochen Biewer as treasurer, Alan Alden was reappointed as the General Secretary.

“I still recall the first MRGC meeting back in 2005 at the old Lotteries and Gaming Authority. George DeBrincat was given the mantle of board chairperson, and he has pretty much been at the helm since then. On behalf of the MRGC management board I’d like to thank George for the invaluable time he’s dedicated to the gaming industry in general, while hoping that his retirement will be as rewarding. It’s now my turn to follow in the mans massive footsteps to herald the council into the future at a time where gaming is Malta is destined to grow further in 2018. While the Maltese economy benefited with a direct contribution of 1.1b (an increase of 10% in 2017 alone) this also translated into the creation of a further 900 new jobs over the year before.”

“With the successful implementation of the new gaming laws, gaming companies are finding it more straight forward to acquire new licences and increase their portfolio of product offering in a more streamlined manner. This move is expected to encourage companies to bring all their business to the hot rock and abandon third country licensing, say of less repute.”

“Obviously keeping in mind that thanks to Brexit, we have already seen an large influx of companies, with Gibraltar and U.K. based companies choosing to make Malta their gaming hub of operations. We also look forward to the addition of crypto currencies as acceptable means of payment and DLT as a forward thinking technology.

Thank you to the Board for backing my nomination and appointment as Chairperson.”

Alan Attard, Chairperson